Far from all top-class attackers manage to show high performance both in the club and in the national team, but Gabriel Batistuta, who was shining in the 90s of the…

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Far from all top-class attackers manage to show high performance both in the club and in the national team, but Gabriel Batistuta, who was shining in the 90s of the…

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"White Pele" (Born in 1953) He played in the Brazilian club "Flamengo", the Italian club "Udinese", Japanese clubs "Sumitomo" and "Kashima Antlers". In 1976–1986, he played 82 matches for the…

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London experiences Arsenal – Leicester

Arsenal “: Czech – Belerin, Mertezaker, Koselni, Montreal – Cokelen, Ramsey – Oxlade-Chamberlain, Yezil, Sanchez – Fat

Spare: Ospina, Chambers, Flamini, Elneny, Walcott, Welbeck, Campbell

Leicester: Schmeichel – Simpson, Morgan, Huth, Fuchs – Marez, Drinkwater, Kante, Albrighton – Okazaki, Vardi

Subs: Schwarzer, Wasilewski, Chilwell, King, Gray, Dyer, Ulloa

Referee of the match: Martin Atkinson

It was a good game at Emirates. The first half was completely with the full dominance of the owners of the arena. Arsenal clearly bet on a quick goal. The hosts were determined. All this was expressed in the percentage possession of the ball, 72% in favor of Londoners, and in the number of angles filed. Each attack hosts concealed a threat. High-speed flank players replayed due to the speed of their opponents. Losing speed in the line of defense, the guests skillfully compensated for the tactical location.

For Leicester, it’s typical to give initiative in games with top opponents, but the defense in their performance is “concrete” and concrete of Italian quality. Do not forget about the counter counters “foxes”. There was a submission from the right flank of Leicester’s attack to the far post, where Vardi struck his head from several meters, but Cech saved his team. After there was still a treacherous twisted from Kant – Cech pulls out from the top corner. In the first half, Cech managed two saves.

All solved one mistake. Error costing the ball and scored the first Londoners. Vardi earns a penalty, bumping into the foot of Montreal.

Striking efficiency, “Leicester” attacks a little, but ends the time with a one-goal margin. Jamie Vardy makes the sixth penalty and scored 19 goals.

The second half, like the first, began with Arsenal attacks. The team ran to recoup. Again, not everything can be Wenger’s guys, while the “foxes” are very reliable in defense. A great combination was played by the Gunners, 47th minute, with Ramsey’s final blow from outside the penalty area, but the ball flew near the post.

“Foxes” were so diligent that even sometimes too. At 55 minutes Simpson earns the removal. Rough foul on Giroux, on the left flank of the Arsenal attack and the second yellow card from the match referee. Now Londoners have a real chance to win back.

Ranieri holds a castling instead of Mareza Vasilevski came out, and instead of Okazaki, Gray went out and it was in the 61st minute. Replacement and Wenger. He reinforces the attack in the face of Walcott.

This replacement is part of Londoner and brings its results. Teri Walcott, in the 71st minute, compares the score of the match. After filing from the right flank of the attack into the center of the Leicester’s penalty, Giroux threw the ball to Walcott with his head, and he shot Schmaichel through the gate almost at an emphasis.

No sooner had “Leicester” quickly rebuilt and skips. The score is drawn and Ranieri’s team is quite satisfied with this score. Sanchez aktivnichayet on the flank, but his blows are far from accurate. “Leicester” plays without much stress, the score does not put pressure on the players and even in the minority feel comfortable. By the 85th minute, there is the first failure of the defense of the “fox” in the defense and the Treasure Martezaakker, not scoring from a very advantageous position, after the canopy of Ozil. Eh, the German bundle did not work, and so could mark their return to the starting lineup.

Before this was a replacement, instead of Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck came out. Substitution played, as they say one hundred percent. In general, Arsen is a very good strategist. In this game, he again proved it. Two substitutions made in the middle of the second half brought victory.

Londoners went to storm. Chance Welbeck after discounts Giroud! Danny didn’t normally hit the ball. Minutes pass and Shmaykhel, as drags after a dense blow Girud almost from the line goalie. Immediately Ramsey runs under the chamber – by. What was going on, two saves Casper.

Four minutes remained at the Gunners, and they managed to finish the fox. Welbeck produces a victory for Arsen. Barely touching his head, he forwards him to the far corner after Ozil’s overhang!

Both teams gave the super match, in which the hosts managed to snatch the victory. Arsenal extends its unbeaten run against Lester in the Premier League. Today, it is already 19 matches, of which 13 ended in victory, and 9 of them they mined in their field.

Thank you both team, for this wonderful gift in the form of donated emotions !!!

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