"If Bonek scored, it means that socialism is good."
Zbigniew Bonek - born March 3, 1956 in the city of Bydgoszcz (Poland). The nickname is “the handsome night” (according to one version, it was nicknamed Bonek ostensibly because he…

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Football match in the “city of the dead”: how besieged Leningrad proved to be alive
In St. Petersburg there is a monument about which not everyone knows - a monument in memory of the football players of besieged Leningrad. The legendary football match, which took…

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The pearl of Mozambique - the hero of Portugal
The world knows the great football player only as Eusebio, but his full name is three times longer. When he was just starting to play, it never occurred to anyone…

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Football weekend. Gladiator battles

This weekend promises us a number of interesting matches in the championships of England and Italy. It is in these two championships that intrigue in the fight for the championship is preserved. So, let’s begin.

Championship of England 26 round. 02/14/2016. 14.00 London “Emirates”. Arsenal – Leicester

After in the beginning of the year, Londoners managed to overtake the “foxes” in the standings, it was expected to see the championship leaders match. The Gunners gave out a four-match series without victories and were able to beat only Bournemouth, not the strongest opponent. Thus, the “foxes” were released in five-spectacled lead. In my opinion, it is Leicester who fits this match as a leader.

For the team, Ranieri says a number of successful games against Tottenham, Liverpool and the townspeople. A clear indication that the team regained confidence, found its game and returned a strong move. If, all of a sudden, they manage to squeeze Londoners, then it will be a loud bid to win the championship.

Wenger’s team is very different from the two previous fox rivals. It was the Londoners who staged a real shootout with the “Lester” in the first round of 5-2, and even doing it on the road. “Gunners” have a more balanced defense. The central matches are held by a team that is much more collected and more motivated than the same “citizens” do. Arsenal is more rational and accurate. Plus, Arsene Wenger’s charges have not lost to the “foxes” since November 23, 1994.

Definitely, there will be a lot of struggle and dangerous moments in the game. It is difficult to say who will be the winner. I would like to believe in the victory of “Lester”, simply because I am impressed by this team, but I’ll bet on a draw. A draw will suit everyone in this match. Unfortunately, a draw may not be effective, given what performers are in their compositions.

Despite the leadership of Lester, the favorite is Arsenal. Bets on it are accepted with a factor of 1.70, while the success of the guests has a kef 4.60. Bookmakers are more inclined that at least 3 goals will be scored in a match, giving a TB of 2.5 keff of 1.80, then the opposite outcome is estimated at 2.00.

English Championship 02/14/2016. 18.15 Manchester “Etihad” “Man City” – “Tottenham”

The victory in this match is very necessary for the Pelligrini team, but it is possible that after losing the foxes in the last round, the guys will close and show the ball with the ball, as was the case with Manchester United. Rational play and save, the chances of a championship, the main backside in this match for the “Blue Lagoon”.

Of course, a victory would be ideal, but who would provide it. Infirmary team added David Silva. In addition, the “citizens” have not yet beaten the teams from the first six and managed to fly in the “spurs” 4-1 in the first round.

I think the Pelligrini team will play to win, as they say five consecutive victories in their field over the “daredevils”, but keep a draw in mind.

Mauricio Pochettino’s team this season is much stronger than their version of last season. They play for fun and show quite good football. Four wins in a row are a sign of good quality in the fight for a place in the prize quartet. One gets the opinion that the “spurs” do not think that they can really fight for the championship. Correct to say to engage in this struggle.

If the team approaches the match with “citizens” in this spirit, then given the leakiness of the defense of the “City” they can win.

My opinion is that the “spurs” should win simply because the “City” does not deserve the championship this season.

Quotes are now fully in favor of the “citizens”, but I think soon they will be adjusted.

English Championship 02/14/2016. Aston Villa – Liverpool

The “Reds” must still be rehabilitated in front of their fans, for their blunders. Although Klopp has not been able to reform the team yet. Let it be the submarine outsider. Although there is one thing, but.

The game “Aston Villa” commands respect, although it has recently been quite depressing. “Lions” play safely in their field, having managed to contain the pressure of “citizens”. These factors give hope to the fans of the “lions” that the team may not lose.

Draw my prediction.

Championship Italy 02/13/2016. 25 Tour Turin “Juventus Stadium” 21.45 “Juventus” – “Napoli”

Finally, the meeting will take place, the two leaders of the championship. This meeting is waiting for many. “Juve” gained an amazing form. 14 consecutive victories in Serie A. Turin for the fifth consecutive championship. “Old Senora” does not miss five games in a row in the championship, the best defense of the championship.

After 24 rounds, the team of Massimiliano Allegri, having scored 54 points, ranks second, lagging behind the future opponent by two points. In case of victory, the reigning champion may again be on top.

Resist turintsy, will be no less balanced team from Naples – “Napoli”.

The pearl of Mozambique - the hero of Portugal
The world knows the great football player only as Eusebio, but his full name is three times longer. When he was just starting to play, it never occurred to anyone…


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