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Johan Cruyff: “I like football”

The legend of football ”presents to the attention of fans of a football show an excerpt from Johan Cruyff’s book“ I like football ”. This book is no longer the greatest player, but no less a great coach!
Play for victory or pleasure? The argument about this is a waste of time. There are teams that are always forced to fight for victory, and at the finish of the tournament they must be in the leading group. To this, they are bound by history, tradition and prestige. But for me, the desire to always win means that you need to try to do it well. Take, for example, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Suppose each of these clubs has four million fans. Only one champion becomes, but how he plays, what kind of football he practices, depends on how satisfied these four million fans are. If these teams will only think about winning, the fans will only be satisfied with the victory, and the loss will upset everyone. It is necessary that during the whole season everyone could see that the players are entering the field with a desire to show beautiful football, feeling proud of the colors of their club. For me, this is an integral part of football, and this attitude should be not only in famous and titled clubs.

Of course, there are plenty of teams in the world with a much poorer history, a small budget, and it is possible that they can never win a single title. But does this mean that they must disappear from the face of the earth?

Not at all. Their fans also have the right to be proud of their team. In addition, you need to keep in mind the features of each city. Rotterdam is not Amsterdam, and Barcelona is by no means Seville. Different people have different tastes and desires. Why is the north mostly British style? Due to the similarity of mentalities. If the players are laid out in full, they spare no effort to fight, their t-shirts are soaked later, all the spectators will be satisfied. And the technique or tactics here are not decisive.

It is necessary to take into account what people want, and to select for the first team of such players who more than others correspond to the game model adopted in this region. In the south, on the other hand, if less than three goals are scored per match, it is estimated that almost two hours of free time was wasted. Need to adapt to the mentality. Everyone, without exception, wants to win, but there should not be such a situation when one team in the championship is two heads taller than the other nine. Their fans should also be a reason for pride; As a rule, 2 – 3 clubs compete for the championship, but this does not mean that all others should not give all the best.

In order to draw a line under the questions discussed in the pages of this book, I would like to point out 10 positions in which my understanding of football would lie. No need to treat them as biblical commandments; this is just a sketchy guidebook, following which you can achieve our goal:

Both spectators and the players themselves should get the pleasure of football. Football is primarily a spectacle; otherwise it is not football.

2. The player must first think about the technique and how to improve it.

Z.We must always be ready to learn from others.

4. Never and in no way lose hope. Especially in football.

5. The main thing in sports and life – respect for teammates, fans, judges.

6.We must understand that other people can sometimes make mistakes, and help them the same way they would help us if we made a mistake.

7. In football and in life you need to be able to work in a team and learn the truth that it is impossible to win a match alone.

8. In football, one hundred percent return is needed.

9. Football player has a huge public responsibility. He is an example for many people and should always remember this.

10. Football is an excellent school in order to form as a person and reach maturity.

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